Samsung Plus 32GB SDHC Card up to 48 MB/s – $19.99

Samsung 32GB SDHC Card

BuyDig | Samsung SDHC Card

Looking for a durable, high capacity SD Card? Well you’re in luck! BuyDig has the Samsung Plus 32GB SDHC Card on sale for only $19.99! This card offers several great features:

  • Water-proof: Can survive up to 24 hours in sea water
  • Magnetic-proof: Resists over 10,000 gauss, 13 times the magnetic force of home theater systems
  • Temperature-proof: Endures operating temperatures from negative 25 degrees celcius to 85 degrees celcius
  • X-ray-proof: Protects data from damage caused by airport x-ray machines
  • Shock-proof: Endures up to 1500G of pressure and can survive being run over by a 1.6ton vehicle

Get Your Samsung Plus 32GB SDHC Card that offers a speed of up to 48 MB/s at BuyDig today for only $19.99!

Hot Deal | Lexar Professional SDHC & Compact Flash (2 Pack) Memory Cards – $24.95~$799.95 | EXPIRED


Lexar Professional | Memory Cards

Adorama currently has a sale going on for Lexar Professional SDXC & Compact Flash (2 Pack) Memory Cards. Choose from several different sizes.

Lexar Professional Class 10 400x SDHC (2 Pack) Memory Cards:

Lexar Professional Class 10 600x SDHC (2 Pack) Memory Cards:

Lexar Professional 800x CF (2 Pack) Memory Cards:

Lexar Professional 1066x CF (2 Pack) Memory Cards:


Another Hot Deal on SD Cards | Sandisk Extreme 32GB & 64GB SD Cards – $24.99~$49.99 | EXPIRED


Best Buy Deal of the Day | SDHC Cards

Best Buy’s Deal of the Day has the Sandisk Extreme 32GB SDHC Card on sale for $24.99 and the Sandisk Extreme 64GB SDXC Card on sale for $49.99! I personally use the 32GB card and it has always served me well. This is a fantastic deal for high quality SD Cards.

Choose Your Sandisk Extreme SD Card Size:


Lexar Platinum II Class 10 16GB SDHC Memory Card (x3) | $25 | EXPIRED


Ebay Daily Deal | SDHC Cards

If you missed out on this deal before, you’re in luck now! BuyDig is selling these via eBay now for $25. These make for a great set of backups to throw in you bag! This is just around $0.50/GB!

For 6D’ers, 60Der’s, 70D’ers and 5D3′ers that believe Compact Flash is a form of media that can fail and want a backup.

Pick up your SDHC cards from BuyDig via eBay! EXPIRED